Hey guys! 

At first when anyone would ask me if I had ever competed in art shows, I would've said no. Then they would ask me why not? I would reply that art shows can be political and that shows judged by juries missed the point of what art is supposed to be about. Its main thing in my eyes is that it is indeed subjective. So why would I ever want to be in a competition where my art is judged on what the jury panel thinks is 'good' and 'bad' ? Well I wouldn't and thus up until a year ago, had never entered in one. 

My first art show was last fall and I did not enjoy the experience because I felt I had failed when I didn't win anything. I did not take this well and vowed to never do another art competition again. However, after being encouraged by numerous family members and friends, I decided to put myself out there again. I entered my 38inx48in lioness painting in this years Grand Haven Art Walk. There were over 150 artists within this competition in all the popular categories. I was not expecting to win anything going into this competition due to the fact that there were over 70 paintings in this competition. I was pleasantly surprised when "Lioness" took 3rd not by a jury, BUT the people that viewed it. I am very honored and honestly getting 3rd voted by the audience is a much better honor than getting voted in by a jury. I am not knocking jury competitions by any means. I am simply stating the fact that instead of a small selection of people (jury), I received enough outside votes to take 3rd out of over 70 other paintings. 

This whole experience in placing top 3 in my second ever art competition was absolutely amazing. I felt incredibly loved from all the support I got from my family and my friends that even if I did not place, I think this whole competition would have just been a good experience anyways. I gained not only recognition for my painting, but was also in the local paper and got plenty of exposure. This painting will be in Snug Harbor in Grand Haven until november 1st so please take a gander if you're in the area!

In the photo is my nephew and I in front of my 3rd place painting "Lioness"

<3 <3 <3