I love art.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved art and anything to do with it. According to my mom, I have been drawing since the age of 3 and still enjoy it at age 25,. Art has given me the ability to express myself in ways that no words can. It gives me freedom to release my creative juices through creating interesting pieces of art without being judged for it. My favorite thing about art overall, is that it is subjective. What you see through a piece, someone else might not and same with feelings. Certain colors and techniques produce different emotions and thoughts for different people. 
Although I am able to do realism in painting and drawing, it is not my favorite. To me, realism does not take a whole lot of creative thinking. It does however, take a lot of talent and I am not looking down on the realistic artists. Instead, I envy them. I envy how they can find that release I mentioned before through realism. Thinking about this is what art is all about. It forces people artists or not, to think in different ways. Which brings me back to the fact that art is subjective. 

Growing up I was either outside with my older brother and his friends playing any and all sports or climbing trees. When I wasn't outside being a dare devil, I was inside creating something. Although I had a traumatic childhood due to an abusive father, I was able to hold on to the passion I have with art, and run with it. Other than art my other release was basketball which carried me through my junior year of college. Unfortunately during this year I blew my knee out for the 5th time and could no longer play basketball. At first I was absolutely devastated to lose something I love so much but then I realized I still had my other passion. Art was still there for me. I then through myself into my art and started creating things again. Basketball was something I thought I was destined to do but when I blew my knee out I realized that what I was destined to do was my first love. Art. 

Other than art, I enjoy hiking, being in nature, reading, ham mocking, hockey (LGRW), yoga, writing, puzzles, music (going to concerts/shows), dancing and making people laugh. 

I am based out of West Michigan, USA and make a variety of products. Any of my prints can be made into, stickers, magnets, posters and soon to be mugs and clothing! 

I also do commissions if my scheduled allows it (I work a full -time job along with my art). If you would like a price quote, have a question about any of my products, have a special requests or have ANY other questions please email me at

wildsmixedmedia [!at] gmail.com

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