I love art.

My mission as an artist is to visually appeal to a wide variety of audiences. I do not want to solely interest just one. I use a wide variety of styles, mediums, subject matter and products to try and achieve this idea. It all started when my mother caught me drawing on my walls when I was about 3 years old and ever since then I absolutely love to create things. I soon realized that my love wasn't just for one specific type of medium but instead a vary wide range of mediums. This gives me the freedom to not get creative block and to switch my styles when I see fit. It also allows me to explore all the different ideas that I have floating around in my head all the time. 
Other than creating my own ideas, I also love to create personalized portraits for customers too! I have done these in multiple types of styles and products as well. I turn whatever photo I am given and change it into my style of art. From houses to animals to people, I can recreate it! Simply just place your order via my shop OR email me at wildsmixedmedia [!at] gmail.com.

For all other commission ideas/questions/concerns/feedback please contact me either via contact us page on here or through email that I listed above.

All art aside, I love to be out in nature, animals, golf, hockey LGRW, music, read, drink wine and making people laugh. I have a remarkable support group of family and friends that I am also very thankful for.

Instagram: @wildsmixedmedia
Twitter: @wildsmixedmedia
Facebook:  facebook.com/wildsmixedmediashop

Thanks for reading!

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